About Debt Free Panda

Welcome to my shop! Home of the Original Tabbed Cash Envelopes! ♥

After reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, I knew I had to change my finances! Since then, I have adapted those basic teachings into what works for ME and I do not follow his plan as of today. 

The cash envelope system is the key to my debt free journey. I wanted envelopes that I can put in my personal planner and take with me. I also wanted to be able to see what category is which when looking through my planner. I decided to make my own since Etsy did not have what I needed...something cute, something with tabs, and a slanted opening.

Early February of 2019, I posted about my new, handmade envelopes on my budgeting Instagram and BOOM! I had so many wonderful people asking if I was selling them. I decided to take the leap and start selling them! No one else had what I made so I fulfilled that niche. My first release on Etsy was Feb. 22 and I sold out in under 10 minutes! I was absolutely speechless.

Today I have perfected my craft and I am so proud of my unique designs! Nowadays, so many other amazing budget shops have their own versions + styles of cash envelopes and it makes me so happy there's a style for everyone now! Whether you are looking for minimalist envelopes, bright+colorful patterns, or all of the above! I appreciate every sale, as I know my products are unique to my style and I strive to have the highest quality budget goodies.

My goal is to never be the only resource for budgeting, I want to be one of the resources people turn to when they need to learn to budget or find a way to save money in a fun way!

99% of my items I print, cut, and assemble by hand. This includes my savings scratchers, cash envelopes, and even my cash trays. Some items I do have to have manufactured, like my budget pads, post-its, and savings challenge books. All of those are printed from other small businesses here in the USA. I pride myself in my handmade items and I hope the love I put into them is felt when you open your package. ♥

I hope you enjoy looking around my shop, checking out my free resources, and following me on my debt free journey on Instagram! I am so grateful for this side gig, not only is it something I love but it is helping me on my budget journey as well! Please reach out if you have any questions!

I partnered with PlanItWithStickers to bring you tab stickers you can add to your blank tabs. Check out her shop for more planner + bookish + budget stickers! 


If you can't afford my cash envelopes, please feel free to find some great alternatives on amazon, using my affiliate link: Affordable Cash Envelopes