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Savings Scratcher Ticket

Savings Scratcher Ticket

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if you scratch your box/circle and don’t see a number, please scratch a little bit harder or use a different tool. Sometimes if it’s not being scratched hard enough you only end up removing the first layer of the scratch-off and you see the silvery-layer. You need to scratch through the silvery layer to reveal the numbers. Thank you!

Whether you want to start with $350, $1000 or save up to $1500, these savings scratchers will make saving money just as fun as winning it with a lotto ticket!

choose between a $35, $1000 challenge or $1500! 

These tickets were designed in house and assembled by hand using high quality photo paper and scratcher paper.

The $350 challenge has a range of denominations from $5 to $20

The $750 challenge ranges from $15 to $50

The $1000 challenge has a range of denominations from $5 to $100, $100 appears 2 times, $50 appears 4 times.

The $1500 challenge has a range of denominations from $25 to $100. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Christy Cook
What I wanted!!!

Exactly what I wanted. Love them!

Sarah K.
Just what I wanted!

Perfect scratch off savings! I haven’t tried them yet. But I’m super excited to start it for 2023!

Yolanda S
Fun Way to Save!

I'm loving the scratchers! It's such a fun way to save. I'm going to buy some for my son and his girlfriend in an attempt to make saving, rather than spending, fun for them too!

Crisalia Terrazas

Savings Scratcher Ticket

Edit Salazar
I have not gotten them:(

I still have not received my order